Things to Consider After a Tree Removal 

While admiring the beauty of your back or front yard, you’re establishing a connection with your plants and trees and this can be one of the significant parts of life for some. However, trees do not live forever similar to human beings. Hence, it’s time to say goodbye to a tree, it’s important to make sure that you’ve completely removed it from your yard. In this case, you may have to consult with an expert who can assist you with tree removal Long Island NY services today. After you’ve successfully removed your tree, check out the things you can do below: 


Grind the tree for mulch 

While you hire tree pruners for your tree removal, you should also think about grinding up the parts of your trees to get wooden chips that you can apply later on as mulch. After some time, you’ll get to observe the difference that wooden chips will take effect on some of your trees. This can be an ultimately resourceful and useful outcome of tree removal in the end.  

Consider planting a new sapling 

You may feel sad about losing a valued tree in your yard. However, regardless of what situation you’re in, you can always opt for planting a new tree to help preserve the beauty. It would be best not to plant a new sapling at a similar location. When you still want to plant a tree of the same type, you have to inspect for the growing conditions.  

Alter the trunk into stepping stones 

The moment you have cut off the trunk and its lowermost area using a stump grinder, you can think about modifying the trunk and turn it into flat stepping stones. If you want to achieve a more appealing effect, you can try painting the stones in various colors as well.  

Make something unique 

When you want to be more creative, making wonderful wooden artifacts for your house is one of the distinct ways to use a dead tree. For instance, you may think about constructing a mini coffee table made out of the tree trunk or even consider chiseling a huge branch to form a handrail and use it. Though such ideas are definitely more suitable to people who know how to construct things, anyone can give it a try. Moreover, if you want to come up with something creative but lacks the needed skills, you may start with smaller things similar to coasters.  

Make showpieces to gather attention 

If ever you’re too busy to spend time making artifacts for your home, know that you can just slash off a wooden plank and etch your family name into it. This can be one of the beautiful garden pieces you can see among a set of flower beds.  

If you cannot cut down trees on your own, make sure to reach out to a tree expert as soon as possible and leave the job to the experts. Don’t forget to only trust the legitimate tree companies you have in your area. 

Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps 

After cutting down a tree, there’s a possibility that you may encounter safety problems especially when you leave the stump unremoved.  Thus, it’s extremely essential to make sure that the stump is eliminated to avoid insect infestation and unwanted tree growth. There are many vital reasons as to why you need to remove the tree stump from your yard or garden since stump potentially results in severe risks. If not removed, your visitors may face the danger of tripping or your kids may get a serious injury.  


When you find it hard to do the tree stump cutting by yourself, make sure to ask the help from a tree expert who can do stump removal and tree pruning Long Island NY efficiently at a reasonable price. If you want to know more about the importance of tree stump removal, keep on reading below: 

Improve your safety 

You can improve your safety just by eliminating the unwelcomed tree stump from your backyard. Moreover, it can help enhance your property’s overall appearance. Your kids can play in the garden without the need to be concerned about the stump’s existence. You can even freely walk in darkness and enjoy your yard without being anxious about issues that are associated with a stump.  

Tree stumps can entice vermin 

Leaving tree stumps on your yard can attract insects or vermin and can lead to termite formation, which can enter your house and can be destructive. Though a healthy tree in your lawn may attract harmful insects, keep in mind that stumps are more susceptible to attracting them. Moreover, while a tree stump can result in infestation, chances are diseases can spread from trees to plants nearby. With the massive services accessible to eliminate the stump, you don’t need to be concerned about how to get rid of a tree stump. 

Tree stumps may result in new tree development 

Once you leave the stump behind, it may result in fresh sapling growth. Within a few days, you’ll observe tiny new trees all over the stump. Moreover, the stump may eat away the vital nutrients from the soil, resulting in poor development of the plants that surround it. Apart from that, tree stumps appear very unappealing and can destroy the whole appearance of your landscape. 

Tree stumps can be dangerous for everyone 

Once you unintentionally hit the lawnmower on a tree stump as you mow your lawn, there’s a possibility that it will be damaged. The soil surrounding the stump usually leaves a hollow in the ground which may result in falling or tripping, causing anyone to be injured. Anyone who moves in the dark in the yard can bump into the stump as well. Your yard party can also fail most likely because your attendees can be hurt as they trip over a tree stump. To avoid these possible risks, it’s best to find a cost-effective tree stump removal service. If interested, make sure to ask the best tree and stump removal experts near you right now.