Allium schoenoprasum


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1 foot tall and 8-12 inch wide clumps of fine, grass-like, tubular foliage is topped with 1/2 to 1 inch round flowerheads. FRESH LIVE COOKING HERBS, HERB PLANTS, VEGETABLE PLANTS, TOMATO PLANTS, SWEET PEPPER PLANTS, HOT PEPPERS PLANT
Use leaves and flowers in cooking!


Chives' fine, tubular leaves impart a delicate onion flavor to cooking.
Beyond cooking with chives, the plants are great garden companion plants to repel insect pests.

   The one must-have kitchen herb, chives are perfect for almost any savory dish. Snip the leaves in bunches at the base of the plant, then chop and use fresh or freeze for year-round use. The flower heads can also be used for an even milder onion flavor - they look gorgeous in salads! Outdoors, chives is a workhorse companion plant. Place it near almost any plant that is bothered by insect pests and the chives will instantly drive them away.

   Sow anytime, placing several seeds together to form a strong clump. Chives is perennial in zones 3-9, so will reward you year after year
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