Coriandrum sativum


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Finely cut, ferny foliage on strong 2-3 foot stems closely resemble dill. Plant topped by 2-4 inch umbels of pale flowerheads, FRESH LIVE COOKING HERBS, HERB PLANTS, VEGETABLE PLANTS, TOMATO PLANTS, SWEET PEPPER PLANTS, HOT PEPPERS PLANT,
The earliest cilantro available


Festival matures in only 50 days - 2 weeks earlier than others!
Harvest the leaves (cilantro) and the seeds (coriander) of this versatile herb for varied culinary treats.

   This annual herb has an unmistakable strong, sharp scent and taste that has become the staple ingredient in salsa and other Mexican dishes. A member of the carrot family, Cilantro Festival grows extra fast, bolting to a tall 2-3 feet two weeks earlier than others. After the 2-4 inch pale cream flower umbels have formed, allow them to form seeds. Cut and dry the heads, harvesting the seeds and using them as the spice coriander. Coriander can be used whole or ground in curries, Oriental dishes, and savory baked goods.

   Cilantro is not fussy about soil. Just plant in any full sun site. Sow small patches at 2-3 week intervals for an extended harvest all season long
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