Regardless of how your septic system is recognized for being safe and reliable for both residential and residential waste disposal, issues of the septic system still happen, and issues with the septic system are bound to occur especially when preventative maintenance of the system is not included in your regular home care to-do-lists. This article will try to discuss many typical septic system issues that property owners usually encounter and what you can do to prevent having an expensive septic tank and?cesspool service Long Island. Read below to determine these problems: 


Digging can damage your septic lines 

As a property owner, you might get the urge to finish a weekend project in your yard. Although, when your project needs some digging, guarantee to contact your town in advance so that they can mark your utility lines and septic line before you start digging. Sadly, property owners can harm their septic systems by digging right into them and this can ultimately result in expensive pipe replacement and repairs if needed.? 

Sneaky tree roots can result in septic issues 

Septic systems that are badly maintained are usually troubled by the infiltration of the tree root. As you may think, tree roots are enticed to the moisture and nutrient rick waste that can be seen in septic lines and tanks, which eventually make their way through cracks and leaks, and expanding them with time. Expert septic tank contractors can account for nearby plants and trees to make sure that infiltration is not possible in the future. 

Excessive water in the tank 

Sadly, inefficient usage of water can cause your septic tank to hold more water than it’s intended. Once you’ve got overflowing water in your septic system, solid wastes can’t break down before the increase of the level of water in the tank to the point that solid matter will deliver out of the tank into dispersed tubes that are just developed to deal with liquids. As a result, this causes the tubes to be blocked.? 

Backups and clogs 

Clogs and backups are dreaded among property owners, and for good reason as well. Nobody specifically likes having dirty sewage that leaks back through drains and into their property. To prevent such issues, it’s important to make sure that your non-septic safe wastes will be kept out of your drains. Make sure to know more about the things that you can and cannot flush down your toilet. You want to prevent thick and expandable substances such as tampons, gauze, diapers, and cotton.? 

Sewer odors that terrorize your house 

The buildup of sewer odor in the house is arguably the problem that can be noticed easily. This can take place once there’s a clog within the ventilation of your septic systems. If your ventilation has a clog, it’ll naturally make your gasses be trapped in their house. Once this takes place, it’s best to contact a septic system service provider that can attend to any of your issues 24/7.