Curled Parsley
Petroselinum crispum Krausa



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Leaves are bright green and triple-curled, set in dense clusters atop 10- to 12-inch plants, FRESH LIVE COOKING HERBS, HERB PLANTS, VEGETABLE PLANTS, TOMATO PLANTS, SWEET PEPPER PLANTS, HOT PEPPERS PLANT.
Plants reach 10 to 12 inches tall.


Triple-Curled Leaves are Showy
and Abundant

Dense, uniform plants are ornamental in the garden and very heavy-bearing for the kitchen!

   The curliest yet, almost too beautiful to cut . . .ALMOST! The triple-curled leaves form a frilly canopy atop 10- to 12-inch plants, keeping their crisp texture and bright green color amazingly well in the garden and after harvest. Good for fresh or dried use.

From Park Seed