Rosemarinus officinalis


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An upright shrub with needle-like leaves, pale blue blooms, and good branching, FRESH LIVE COOKING HERBS, HERB PLANTS, VEGETABLE PLANTS, TOMATO PLANTS, SWEET PEPPER PLANTS, HOT PEPPERS PLANT,

Attractive, Delicious, and So Hardy!
Plentiful pale blue blooms keep this upright shrub charming even when you're not in the mood for savory spice!

   Fragrant, colorful, and delicious -- what more could anyone ask of a perennial? Rosemary was such a favorite that when it became unavailable several years ago, loyal gardeners lobbied for its return!

   The blooms are exceptional both in color (pale blue) and number (lots and lots!). This neat, upright shrub is very well-branched, with tall wands of symmetrical foliage offering a lovely backdrop to the flowers. And both fragrance and flavor are rich, spicy, and mouth-watering!

   Hardy as far north as zone 6 (with winter protection) and through zone 10 in the south, Hill Hardy prefers plenty of sun, well-drained soil, and protection from harsh winter winds. An exquisite ornamental that does double duty in the kitchen!

From Park Seed